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Benefits for your garage

  • Only VRAC certified automotive recyclers.
  • Savings of up to 70% versus OEM parts RRP.
  • Warranties on all bodywork and mechanical parts.
  • Vehicle reg lookup for instant prices and availability.
  • Next day delivery available on over 90% of parts.
  • Buy now and make no payments for 30 days.
  • Carbon calculator totalling your savings with every purchase.

It's easy to save money on warrantied green parts

Getting quality-assured recycled parts has never been easier, or better for your business.
With the option to buy now and make no payments for 30 days, your bottom line will benefit as much as your carbon footprint.

Find and get parts quickly

With so many certified automotive recyclers on the platform you can access a huge selection of green parts in one place, so you can find them fast. And with next day delivery available on over 90% of parts, key to key times can speed up too!

Be confident of quality

All recyclers have to be independently certified by the VRA Certification to sell on this new platform. Parts are shown with multiple photos, and all bodywork and mechanical parts come with a warranty, giving you the certainty you need.

Save Money

The garages that are already using the platform are benefiting from buying at up to 70% less vs OEM parts RRP. It helps overcome challenges with supply of OEM parts, and meets your customer’s need for speed, whilst gaining savings.

Reduce carbon emissions, while saving time and money too.

Being able to find green OE parts for up to 70% less than OEM RRP, that are warrantied, and can be with you next day, can help reduce the pressure on independent garages to keep repair costs low, especially for older vehicles.

So the questions being asked about the carbon effect of continually producing new car parts is not the only reason to start taking advantage of the increasing availability of recycled parts.

"More photos and grading advice means I know the condition of all parts I order.”

- James, BRS Automotive, Banbury

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The VRAC’s certification scheme makes finding quality assured green parts easy.

eBay has partnered with the VRA Certification to provide a certification process for automotive recyclers, ensuring the quality of parts and sellers.
See more about how this works here

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Want to become a certified automotive recycler?

If you would like to join the UK’s largest online aggregator of green parts as a seller, simply click the link below to begin the process.
You will need to be certified by one of the VRAC appointed certification bodies to ensure conformance with the UK standard for
reclaimed parts from end-of-life vehicles. Apply for certification now.