Certification - Setting new standards

The VRAC’s UK vehicle recycling certification scheme provides buyers on the green parts platform with the confidence that all parts meet professional standards and requirements, and come with warranties to give you peace of mind.

What is VRAC Certification?

The purpose of the certification scheme is to provide buyers of reclaimed vehicle parts with the confidence that:

  • The reclaimed vehicle part has been accurately identified, recorded, tested, removed and sold by a vehicle recycler that operates a robust quality management system.


  • The reclaimed vehicle parts sold by the VRAC certified recycler come with a warranty, and all purchases are protected by eBay’s money back guarantee.
    Learn more here: eBay Money Back Guarantee
  • The reclaimed vehicle part you buy has been checked to be free of recalls - giving you and your customer peace of mind.

What is involved?

Certification involves an annual audit and review of a vehicle recycler’s policies and procedures to ensure they meet the UK standard for reclaimed parts from end-of-life vehicles.

The standard was developed by the industry over the past two and a half years, and is wholly owned by the Vehicle Recyclers' Association (the leading trade body for the vehicle recycling sector).

Image of vehicle bodies in a workshop

Standards for parts grading, and warranties for peace of mind.

Every certified vehicle recycler operates a yard that is authorised by the environmental regulator. They are also registered as a scrap metal dealer by their relevant local authority.

The standard applies to UK and ROI-based vehicle recyclers operating an end of life vehicle authorised treatment facility, and includes requirements for:

  • A quality management system.
  • End of life vehicle acquisition and identification.
  • Parts grading, testing, recording and storage.
  • Parts marketing, sale, delivery and traceability.
  • Parts warranties on bodywork and mechanical parts.

Who manages the scheme?

The Vehicle Recyclers’ Association (VRA) is the trade body for vehicle recycling professionals representing the interests of UK and ROI-based vehicle recyclers for nearly 80 years. VRA Certification Ltd is an independent not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, whose sole purpose is to manage and develop the UK's vehicle recycling certification scheme.
What the VRAC does.
It certifies UK and ROI based vehicle recyclers to ensure they conform with the UK standard for reclaimed parts from end-of-life vehicles. This provides their customers with the confidence that the vehicle recycler operates legally and only markets quality assured reclaimed vehicle parts.

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