Terms of Use

These Terms of Use govern the use of www.eBayforBusiness.co.uk (the “Site”) and are effective upon acceptance for those users who accept it through registration of an eBay for Business account.

Your use of the Site is subject to the eBay User Agreement and all related and incorporated policies detailed in the User Agreement (collectively the “User Agreement”). Details of the eBay entity you contract with can be found in the User Agreement. All references within the eBay User Agreement to www.eBay.co.uk shall be taken to mean references both to www.eBay.co.uk as well as the Site. Please see our Privacy Notice for information regarding the processing of your data. In addition to the User Agreement, you agree to the following terms specific to your use of the Site:

  1. You may be able to set up subordinate accounts on the Site allowing others, such as your employees, limited access to the Site and the ability to take certain actions, including to purchase products, enter into loans and raise returns on your behalf/on behalf of the business. By setting up any such subordinate accounts, you consent to the subordinate account taking any such action on behalf of the business, and as the primary account holder, you acknowledge that you remain responsible in full for the repayment of any loans entered into and any actions undertaken by these subordinate accounts, including any orders placed. Any action taken by the subordinate accounts shall be treated as having been taken by you as the primary account holder. Please note – due to the nature of this set-up, eBay’s normal safeguards may not be able to protect your account from abuse and it is your responsibility to ensure that the subordinate accounts do not place orders or carry out other activity that you do not approve of.
  2. eBay may suggest items that are suitable for you when you use the Site. Please note that these are suggestions and you must ensure that the items you purchase via the Site are suitable for you and compatible with the vehicles for which you purchased them.